Story About 「VIBOT」

How VIBOT got its name

By combining "AI" (artificial intelligence) and "BOT" (software agents are also called bots, from the word robot) with V, part of our company name, into VI-BOT, a company that combines artificial intelligence with interaction was thus born.

We are a group of creative and bold creators who are always passionate about exploring unknown areas. Combining AI with years of experience in interactive technology, we hope to help customers realize any interesting, novel and innovative ideas, and convey that passion and excitement to customers and consumers.

As with AI constantly learning and evolving through algorithms, VIBOT is constantly looking for various possibilities through innovation, combining existing advantages, actively taking the next steps towards business sustainability, and providing customers with appropriate assistance at different development stages of their businesses. VIBOT will adhere to the original intention and continue to develop new products, aiming to become the most reliable and trustworthy innovation service provider.

vibot Vocational


Composed of professionals such as product designers, programmers and consultants, our team maintains a professional attitude and spurs creativity with customers.

Vibot Innovation


We combine various possibilities, innovate without limits, and create surprising novelties with our passion for design.

Vibot bot


Meet user needs and create amazing user experiences through deep learning.