VT-360 multi-point body temperature monitoring system - fast and safe remote

With rapid detection of multiple moving individuals without stopping, remote body temperature detection avoids close proximity infection in a fast and safe manner. Intelligent epidemic prevention ensures no missed detection!

With an effective monitoring range of 3 to 4 meters and combined with the latest AI facial recognition technology, the thermal imaging chip used in VT-360 can measure the body temperatures of individuals within the camera range simultaneously, even when they are wearing masks. It can also effectively eliminate abnormal heat source signals, such as false alarms caused by individuals carrying hot food, to make body temperature monitoring more accurate.

威寶人臉辨識 99%高辨識率

Product introduction manual

High-spec thermal imaging resolution core. We use thermal imager lenses from (a U.S. military supplier) with high-spec sensor chips to assist in epidemic prevention without missed detection

威寶人臉辨識 刷臉開門,語音播報

Accurate and fast multi-point detection

Combining facial recognition with automatic ambient temperature calibration technology to quickly complete remote multi-point body temperature detection and accurately spot individuals with hyperthermia.

威寶人臉辨識 數據統計,圖表分析

App push and data statistics

The system automatically notifies the security guards via the app whenever there are individuals with suspected fever! With temperature chart statistics, you can stay up-to-date with epidemic prevention information through big data analysis.

Taiwan's homegrown technology combined with thermal imager lenses from (a U.S. military supplier)

With infrared thermal imaging distribution, only faces are detected instead of other heat sources, making it easy to spot individuals with excessive body temperatures in the crowd!

Under the threat of COVID-19, epidemic prevention in different countries continues to escalate. In public places, forehead thermometers are used to measure body temperatures one by one, which is time-consuming and poses risks of infection!

VIBOT independently develops software technologies and uses high-spec thermal imager lenses from U.S., combining temperature detection with facial recognition. The system triggers warning lights and sounds and automatically notifies the security guards via the app whenever there are individuals with suspected fever, reducing direct contact between on-site staff and those with suspected infection to achieve intelligent epidemic prevention.

This product is not a medical device and is intended for rapid screening only.

Application sites

Multiple installation options, suitable for different usage scenarios

Mobile floor stand: Ideal for residential complex halls, schools, office buildings, elevators, etc.
Ceiling-mounted display module: Ideal for movie theaters, event security passages, buses, etc., without affecting the movement of people.
Camera tripod: Event venues, rapid detection for epidemic prevention

Application examples

威寶人臉辨識 智慧安控

Public transportation

威寶人臉辨識 智慧家庭

Residential complexes

威寶人臉辨識 智慧家庭


威寶人臉辨識 智慧校園

Schools, cram schools

威寶人臉辨識 智慧辦公室